Rally USA Full Speed Ahead Towards 2024 Tennessee Rally USA

Rally USA is excited to provide an update on the 2024 Tennessee Rally taking place on June 14-15, 2024, in Polk County, Cherokee National Forest, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. While unforeseen road repairs have caused adjustments to the original schedule, Rally USA is committed to delivering an exhilarating one-day event featuring 74 intense and technical stage miles on June 15th. 

Our volunteer numbers are growing! The current 190 “Tennessee Rally” Volunteers are excited to use their training on stage and anyone that wants to join them is encouraged to sign up right away.

The revised route will reduce transits by moving all service closer to the stages and provide a compact, action-packed experience for competitors and spectators alike. Recce will be held only on Friday helping keep travel costs down for competitors. Despite the reduction in stage miles, Rally USA is confident that the remaining roads will showcase the technical challenges and natural beauty that makes the Cherokee National Forest a prime destination for a World Event in the near future.

The entry fee for the 2024 Tennessee Rally USA has been reduced to $500, with currently registered competitors receiving a refund for the difference. Rally USA understands that the schedule changes may impact some teams' plans. To accommodate those who wish to withdraw, Rally USA is offering full refunds upon request. All stages that will be run this year will be used in next year's events and a World Event. With these late changes we will also be extending the entry deadline. All information regarding the new route, Itinerary, other necessary event changes will be released as a bulletin on Sportity.