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Rally USA is on track for bringing a World Rally Motorsports event back to US soil. On June 14-16, 2024, we will be hosting our first 3 day rally of the year. Step one of bringing the world renouned championship back. With the collaboration of other motorsports businesses, we will be putting on a Rally event in The United States like no other. Help us bring the World Championship back to The United States, play a role in motorsports history.
How can you help?
To put on a World Rally event in the coming years we need around 2,000 volunteers. More importantly we need you to help with our June 14-16, 2024 event. If you have always wanted to get into motorsports, now's your chance. If you love cars and want them to fly by you in the forests of Tennessee, now's your chance. No matter the reason, you will be joining the team at the ground level.
  • No Prior Experience Required

  • Joining The Team at the Ground Level

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Fill out the Volunteer Form below. After that, our Volunteer Coordinator will personaly reach out to you in a couple days with more information!